Next PROP Meeting


PROP’s next public meeting is Wednesday October 8th from 6pm-8pm. We invite anyone who is interested to attend. There will be free pizza!

At the meeting, we’ll discuss PROP and CAN updates, activities and future plans of action.

October Petition Day

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Come out for PROP’s Petition Day on Sunday, October 5th! 

We have rescheduled our next petition day for Sunday, October 5th from 1-5PM. Per usual, PROP volunteers will travel to different locations in the city to carry out our ongoing petition drive. This effort will add to the over 17,000 signatures already gathered to show policymakers and the press that the support for sweeping NYPD reforms is diverse and widespread. 

New DCJS Statistics Solidify de Blasio’s Nonexistent Reform Efforts

de Blasio & Bratton's NYPD (2)

by Robert Gangi, PROP Director 

de Blasio / Bratton Administration Continue Biased Arrests Practices of  the Bloomberg / Kelly Tenure. 

Petty Charges Against People of Color Dominate the Numbers, PROP Reports.

Over 70% of the NYPD Arrests for the first 7 months of both 2013 & 2014 Were for Misdemeanors. Less Than 30% for Felonies.

PROP Strongly Opposes 1,000 New Cops

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PROP Strongly Opposes 1,000 New Cops

Statement from Robert Gangi, PROP Director

PROP’s CMP Report Reviewed, in Amsterdam News NY

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PROP sends a genuine thank you to the folks over at Amersterdam News for publishing the thoughtful editorial, A ‘collaborative model,’ not ‘broken windows’“, considering the future of broken windows policing, and the continuing consequences it poses to communities of color and our city’s community, at large.