Next PROP Meeting


PROP’s next public meeting is Wednesday October 8th from 6pm-8pm. We invite anyone who is interested to attend. There will be free pizza!

At the meeting, we’ll discuss PROP and CAN updates, activities and future plans of action.

PROP’s CMP Report Reviewed, in Amsterdam News NY

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PROP sends a genuine thank you to the folks over at Amersterdam News for publishing the thoughtful editorial, A ‘collaborative model,’ not ‘broken windows’“, considering the future of broken windows policing, and the continuing consequences it poses to communities of color and our city’s community, at large.

PROP and CAN Fall Internships!

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PROP and CAN are excited to start accepting applications for fall 2014 internships!

We are seeking intelligent and determined individuals to join PROP in our efforts to promote police reform in NYC.  

Broken Windows News Coverage

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Broken windows policing and PROP, in recent news…

The problems caused by “broken windows” policing for our city have literally become front-page news. The release of the initial findings of PROP’s court monitoring report, Broken Windows Policing- A True Tale of Two Cities,” that the NYPD spends the lion’s share of its resources on targeting low-income communities of color by arresting and ticketing people for innocent or innocuous activities, helped stoke an unusual amount of media coverage for a single issue.

March for Justice, 8/23/14

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PROP strongly encourages anyone and everyone to come out to march for Eric Garner, Michael Brown and too many more. Let’s march for a change in the system.