PROP’s Second Annual Citizen of the City Awards a Tremendous Success!

We PROPers are pleased to report that last week’s Citizen of the City Awards was the success that we hoped for and imagined. Our honorees spoke movingly about their work and the need for continuing aggressive organizing and advocacy on social and racial justice issues. One prominent theme of the night was the notion of “citizenship” – of belonging and being dedicated to the betterment of one’s chosen community – as well as the need for hope and optimism in continuing the fight for a better New York. The event was both entertaining and rich in meaning, due to the music and the food, the good will and good feeling in the room, the spirited and dedicated participation of PROP volunteers, and most of all the inspiring and powerful remarks of the honorees.

Here are some of the highlights:


“Solidarity is what is going to save us. It is beautiful, it is necessary, it is essential.”

-Professor Chi Mgbako


“Citizenship must arise not from a sense of loyalty to a particular way of governing, but from our sense of connection to each other.”

-Reverend Pat Bumgardner


“When I think back on American history, a common denominator throughout each period is police who enforce policies that oppress and persecute people.”

-Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid


“They say stop and frisk works. Well first of all, I don’t believe it works. But even if it did work, it’s not legal. Even if it were legal, it’s immoral, unethical, and politically unjustified.”

-Professor Alex Vitale

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