PROP Working Committees

Outreach/Action: Committee members will develop and make presentations to interested community, civil, and church groups, and will coordinate events and public actions (such as community forums and neighborhood petition drives) to raise public awareness and political awareness about police misconduct.

Voter Education: Committee members will develop a set of questions on objectionable police tactics to present to the many politicians competing for state and city offices in 2012 and 2013, and will help organize meetings between community members and elected officials. Committee members will also work on developing a long term legislative agenda.

Narratives: Committee member will uncover and compile stories and quotes demonstrating police misconduct (stories from victims of police harassment and incriminating quotes from police brass and officers) and distribute them widely to the press, government officials, and the broader public.

Families for Fair Policing: Committee members are primarily a group of mothers and other family members with a particular concern about the risks their black and brown sons, brothers, and fathers face in their all too frequent encounters with police officers. This group will hold community events, make public statements, and meet with political figures to express their anxiety and anger about police abuse and misconduct, thereby introducing a new and powerful voice to our campaign that would almost necessarily attract positive public attention to our agenda.

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