PROP’s CMP Report Reviewed, in Amsterdam News NY

PROP sends a genuine thank you to the folks over at Amersterdam News for publishing the thoughtful editorial, A ‘collaborative model,’ not ‘broken windows’“, considering the future of broken windows policing, and the continuing consequences it poses to communities of color and our city’s community, at large.

“From the opening statement of the report, PROP clarifies its mission with graphic examples of the ‘broken windows’ policy, re-initiated by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and thereby approved by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

‘Young Black and Brown men are charged with criminal trespass and locked up for standing in front of their own building. People in psychiatric crisis, clearly disoriented, are thrown to the ground, handcuffed and locked up. LGBTQ persons are called derogatory names, questioned rudely, or inappropriately touched,’ PROP states.”

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*An extra special thanks for featuring findings from PROP’s Court Monitoring Project, and spreading the word about our newest report: “Broken Windows Policing: A True Tale of Two Cities.” We appreciate the review!

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