PROP response to Bratton’s dismissal of our Court Monitoring Project

Following announcement that he will step down from the role of NYPD Commissioner in September, Bill Bratton spoke to NY1’s Inside City Hall on Thursday and singled out PROP’s Bob Gangi and our Court Monitoring Project, saying: “Who is Robert Gangi, who does he represent? Is he appointed by anybody? Does he speak for anybody other than himself?”

Our response to Bratton’s dismissal is as follows:

Stupid to attack us, we think. But makes some sense in that our work, including PROP’s court monitoring project, directly challenges his core beliefs, his until now iconic legacy & the policing approach upon which that legacy rests. PROP’s efforts, including the court monitoring’s findings, deliver an “Emperor has no clothes” blow to the NYPD’s quota-driven “broken windows” strategy. We are simply reporting on what is happening, who the NYPD arrests & on what charges, that 90% of the city’s defendants are New Yorkers of color, charged mainly with low-level infractions, innocuous behavior that has been virtually de-criminalized in well-off white areas. Bratton has a real problem with our reports because they conclusively show that his methods are not only wasteful, but that they are, despite his claims that his Dept. “does not target communities, it targets conduct”, blatantly racist. A friend of mine said to me several weeks ago that, “Bratton doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid, he pours it.” So it has been for years & our activities expose his “dirty tricks”.

You can click here to support the Court Monitoring Project and its effort to prove the inherent bias of Broken Windows policing.

You can also read various PROP reports built using data from our Court Monitoring Project.

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