Police Reform Organizing Project Hits the Streets to Mobilize New Yorkers for NYPD Reform


In neighborhoods throughout the city, PROP will continue to gather support for sweeping changes in the NYPD’s harsh and racially biased practices


PROP representatives will make on-the-spot videos of New Yorkers telling their stories of negative encounters with the NYPD


WHAT: Police Reform Organizing Project hits the streets to mobilize New Yorkers for NYPD reform

WHO: Police Reform Organizing Project of the Urban Justice Center

WHEN: Sunday, April 7th from 1-5pm

WHERE: Locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

VISUALS: Activists gathering petition signatures and New Yorkers telling their stories of negative police encounters.


NEW YORK, NY – The Police Reform Organizing Project of the Urban Justice Center will hit the streets, on Sunday April 7th from 1 – 5 pm, as part of its organizing efforts aimed at mobilizing NYC communities to press for NYPD reform. PROP will have volunteers petitioning in five neighborhoods including:  Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park and Harlem; Brooklyn’s Crown Heights and Parkside; and Jamaica, Queens.


Having gathered more than 20,000 names to date, PROP is well on its way toward reaching its ultimate goal of accumulating at least 25,000 signatures, demonstrating to policy makers that a broad-based constituency of city residents are concerned about abusive police practices and are calling for meaningful change.


“We urge New Yorkers to join our campaign to stop the NYPD’s harsh and unjust practices that do harm to the city’s residents, especially people from low income communities of color, on a daily basis,” said Robert Gangi, Director of the Police Reform Organizing Project. “The city’s police should serve and protect people, rather than engage in stop and frisk and other tactics that harass and, in effect, criminalize them.”


PROP will be at the following locations from 1-5PM:



–          Tompkins Square Park

–          Harlem: 125th and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard



–          Parkside Ave and Flatbush Ave

–          Utica Ave A/C station



–          Jamaica Center, Parsons Ave and Archer Ave

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