The Mission

PROP works to expose and correct abusive police tactics that routinely and disproportionately do harm to our city’s low-income communities, people of color and the LGBTQIA community. Through research and analysis, public education, policy advocacy and coalition-building, PROP aims to:

  • Stop the current ineffective, unjust, discriminatory, and racially biased practices of the NYPD;
  • To investigate police priorities and punish abusive conduct; and
  • To implement local problem solving measures that strengthen communities while reducing crime.

What We Do


Everyday the city’s police engage in objectionable practices that harm people and communities that are already marginalized. 

Young black and brown men are stopped, questioned and frisked, for no apparent reason. Women of color are sexually harassed by law enforcement and frequently left out of the conversation on violent and discriminatory policing.  People in psychiatric crisis, clearly disoriented, are thrown to the ground, handcuffed and locked up.Members of the LGBTQIA community are called derogatory names, questioned rudely and inappropriately touched. Sex workers are arrested for simply carrying condoms or forced to have sex in return for their release. Street vendors are hassled, fined and arrested, for violating arbitrarily enforced minor rules. Arab Americans are unjustly surveilled and harassed. Homeless people are roughed up – their belongings often destroyed – and arrested for begging on the subway or sleeping on a park bench.

We believe that the time for serious and significant police reform is right now.

What We Do:

  • Organize petition days where volunteers gather signatures on our petition calling for an end to abusive policing.
  • Plan public events such as community conversations and panel discussions where we have the opportunity to speak to New Yorkers directly about their experiences with the NYPD.
  • Publish and distribute reports on NYPD policy and practice.
  • Use monthly newsletters, our website and social media to share relevant NYPD (and general policing) news and stories, spread the word about PROP’s work and events, and to expose abusive police practices.
  • Prepare and publish materials like fact sheets, policy papers, educational brochures and handouts about policing-related issues for public distribution.
  • Engage in active coalition building via monthly meetings attended by people from communities throughout NYC and working groups that carry out our plans.

PROP’s community and audience is made up of all New Yorkers, but the focus of our work is on the marginalized communities most directly impacted by abusive NYPD practices. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Black and brown men who are victimized frequently by being harassed, cuffed, confined, criminalized and charged with petty infractions.
  • Women who are sexually harassed by police officers and mothers of Black and Brown children who have to consistently worry for their children’s safety in addition to their own
  • Homeless individuals and people with mental illness who are often arrested and denied access to services and treatment.
  • LGBTQIA and gender nonconforming people who are verbally and sexually assaulted by officers.
  • Sex workers who are targets of police abuse and wrongly and/or falsely arrested for prostitution.
  • Street vendors who are ticketed, fined and arrested for violating arbitrarily enforced minor rules.
  • Muslim communities who are subjected to unwarranted and illegal surveillance and human/civil rights violations.

For questions, thoughts or anything else please contact us.