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Dear friends,

Stories about New Yorkers and their encounters with bad policing are what PROP representatives see and hear every time we monitor the courts and conduct our petition drive. These incidents are not aberrational, but emblematic of the NYPD’s use of the Broken Windows theory and of policing strategies countrywide that inflict harm and hardship on low income groups, people of color and other minority groups.

We are reaching out to the PROP community (and beyond!), seeking your support of PROP’s aggressive campaign to oppose and correct biased, unjust, and counterproductive policing that is experienced and witnessed everyday in NYC.

We are seeking donations to help continue PROP’s work and campaigning, which is largely conducted by a small team of volunteers who donate their time and energy to effecting meaningful reform of policing in NYC.

Your support will allow us to continue work such as our monthly Petition Drive, public forums covering a range of issues, hard-hitting reports that expose police abuse, monthly meetings to help organise actions and work, art projects, Know Your Rights workshops for young people, the Court Monitoring Project, op-ed pieces and press work and the Narratives Project. All these efforts are done to try and amplify the voices of people directly impacted by police misconduct and abuse and try to convince more New Yorkers, and the politicians, that time for meaningful reform is now.

Our primary goals are to abolish the quota system that pressures officers to make frivolous or bogus arrests and replace it with constructive performance incentives, abandon Broken Windows policing that criminalizes people of color for innocuous or innocent activities, and establish collaborative, community-based social services that ensure public safety and improve.

With your help we can make real and concrete progress towards ending the divisions between law enforcement and communities and creating a more livable and inclusive city for all New Yorkers. Please give generously because the time for police reform – is right now.

You can donate by sending a check, payable to our tax-exempt fiscal sponsor, United Social Services, Inc. Please mail all checks and gifts to: Police Reforming Organizing Project, 168 West 86th St. # 4B NYC, NY 10024.

Alternatively you can donate via Paypal – send a payment of your desired amount to

If you require your donations to be tax-exempt please contact Bob Gangi to find out more.

DONATION FORM (print and detach at dotted line)

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