Criminalizing Communities: New PROP Report

We at PROP are pleased to announce the release of“Criminalizing Communities: NYPD Abuse of Vulnerable Populations”, our new report that chronicles NYPD abuses and their damaging effects against a range of the city’s most vulnerable populations including young black and brown men, Muslims, sex workers, LGBTQ people, street vendors, people with mental illness, and the homeless.  Here is a link to the full report, which urges an end to the NYPD’s aggressively enforced quota system, an end to the NYPD’s stop and frisk program, and recommends other administrative and legislative reforms that will ensure that all New Yorkers can live free from police abuse.

Written in collaboration with the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School – people from the Center did the lion’s share of the research and writing and were wonderful to work with – the report finds that NYPD officers often harass the very populations they are supposed to protect.  The report calls on the Mayor’s Office, the New York City Council, and Governor’s office, and the New York State Legislature, as well as the NYPD to enact sweeping reforms that would end adversarial relationships between the NYPD and marginalized communities across NYC, and ensure more equitable police policies and practices.

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