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Dear friends, Stories about New Yorkers and their encounters with bad policing are what PROP representatives see and hear every time we monitor the courts and conduct our petition drive. These incidents are not aberrational, but emblematic of the NYPD’s use of the Broken Windows theory and of policing strategies countrywide that inflict harm and hardship […]

Next PROP Meeting

PROP’s next public meeting is Monday, December 8th from 6pm-8pm. We invite anyone who is interested to attend. There will be free pizza! At the meeting, we’ll discuss PROP and CAN updates, activities and future plans of action.

PROP’s Newest Report

PROP’s newest report calls for systemic reform within the NYPD. The report addresses the ill effects of abusive and discriminatory police practices on low-income neighborhoods around the city, it also includes recommendations for change within the Departments overall culture.