PROP in the News

PROP and its staff have been quoted and their work featured in a variety of publications and news media including Newsweek, The New York Times, RT, CBS, Al Jazeera, Vice News and more.

Below are a selection of links to text, audio and video featuring PROP and its work for police reform.

Police Reform Organizing Project report finds low-level marijuana arrests and summonses on rise
NY Daily News | 02/15/17

Community combats cop’s racial profiling
Amsterdam News | 02/09/17

NYPD Will Expand Oversight In City Shelters
Gothamist | 01/06/17

Can New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Be the Anti-Trump?
The Nation | 01/05/17

Crime fell in 2016. That’s good news, with lots of political implications
AM New York | 01/05/17

NYPD Says Crime Levels Hit Record Low In 2016
Gothamist | 01/04/17

Bill de Blasio’s Police Accountability Problem
Gotham Gazette | 12/29/16

These activists have a simple plan to help New Yorkers who can’t afford the subway
Fusion | 11/03/16

Community Policing in a Wary Community
Brooklyn Ink | 10/27/16

Queens Councilman Urges DOJ to Investigate NYC’s Broken Bail System
The Village Voice | 08/24/16

Activists Give Out Free Subway Swipes in Queens to Protest NYPD Crackdowns
DNA Info | 08/19/16

The Intercept | 08/11/16

Marijuana arrests spike 30%, mostly in black communities, despite Bratton’s promise to ease up
NY Daily News | 08/09/16

NYC Marijuana Arrests Are Up By Nearly A Third Compared To Last Year
Gothamist | 08/09/16

Marijuana arrests are on the rise in NYC—and 90% are people of color
Fusion | 08/08/16

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton slams ‘radical fringe’ anti-police protesters, refers to Police Reform Organizing Project director Robert Gangi
NY Daily News | 08/05/16

New Yorkers Weigh in on New NYPD Commissioner
WNYC | 08/03/16

Disputing Bratton’s record: Mass stop-and-frisk is over but “broken windows” endures in NYC
Salon | 08/03/16

Jimmy O’Neill: reform advocates skeptical NYPD vet can bring change
The Guardian | 08/02/16

Nearly 90% of people arrested on misdemeanor charges in NYC are minorities, according to watchdog report
NY Daily News | 08/01/16

Arrested For Picking A Flower, And Other Broken Windows Policing Horror Stories
Gothamist | 08/01/16

City and State NY | 25/07/16

Is the Dallas Police Department a Model for Reform? Depends on Which Part of Dallas You’re From
City Lab | 14/07/16

Even with Crime Low, De Blasio and Police Union ‘Worlds Apart’
Gotham Gazette | 14/07/16

Council Speaker Punts On Police Reform
Gothamist | 07/13/16

The Unnatural (and Possibly Doomed) Symbiosis Between Bills de Blasio and Bratton
The Village Voice | 06/28/16

Department of Investigation report suggests ‘broken windows’ policing strategy doesn’t work
NY Daily News | 06/23/16

City DAs Accused Of Racism In Prosecuting Low-Level Marijuana Cases
Gothamist | 06/23/16

A fiscal lens on police accountability
Chicago Reporter | 06/22/16

City Study Shows Broken Windows Policing Doesn’t Reduce Serious Crimes
Gothamist | 06/22/16

Free subway rides offered in protest over NYPD fare-beating policing
AM NY | 06/08/16

NYPD cracks down on marijuana possession in NYC, sees big uptick in arrests for carrying pot
NY Daily News | 06/02/16

If Marijuana Is Decriminalized in NYC, Then Why Are Possession Arrests on the Rise?
The Village Voice | 06/01/16

Federal Monitor To NYPD: Stop Harassing People Outside Their Homes
Gothamist | 06/01/16

Requests for subway swipes don’t deserve NYPD’s heavy hand
AM New York | 05/11/16

A Metrocard Swipe Is Free Speech
New Republic | 05/11/16

Hundreds of Harlem, Bronx subway riders get free MetroCard swipes as group protests disproportionate fare-beating arrests
NY Daily News | 05/11/16

Brother, can you spare a swipe?
AM New York | 05/11/16

For Mayor de Blasio, Police Dept. Is a Force to Be Reckoned With
The New York Times | 04/29/16

NYPD Will No Longer Arrest You For Asking For A Subway Swipe
Gothamist | 04/18/16

Should The Brooklyn Cop Convicted Of Killing An Innocent Man Be Spared Prison?
Gothamist | 04/12/16

Advocates Demand Half-Price MetroCards For New York’s Working Poor
Gothamist | 04/11/16

Should smoking a cigarette land you in jail?
AM New York | 04/04/16

More “Broken Windows” Horror Stories From De Blasio’s NYPD
Gothamist | 04/01/16

NYPD still engages in race-based policing, cop watchdog group claims
NY Daily News | 03/31/16

New York City eases public drinking and urination laws before St Patrick’s Day
The Guardian | 03/16/16

The NYPD Will Stop Making Arrests For Most Low-Level Offenses In Manhattan
Gothamist | 03/02/16

Ten Days in the Life of a Police Reform Advocate
Gotham Gazette | 02/29/16

The Impact Of Broken Windows Policing On Black Communities
Elite Daily | 02/28/16 (Video)

Say Cops At All Levels in Dark On Changes in Stop-and-Frisk Process
The Chief | 02/23/16

Stop and report
AMNY | 02/19/16

Some NYPD officers continue unconstitutional stop-and-frisks because they’re unaware of reforms
NY Daily News | 02/16/16

NYPD arrests mostly people of color for fare beating, stats show
NY Daily News | 02/12/16

Shocking: The NYPD Arrest Mostly People of Color For Fare Skipping
Jezebel | 02/11/16

Officials Outraged After ‘Shocking’ Report on NYPD Kicking People Out of Homes
Pro Publica | 02/08/16

How New York City is slowly rethinking broken windows policing
Fusion | 02/03/16

Criminal Justice Reform Act | BK Live [Video]
BK Live | 01/27/16

NYC’s Broken Windows Reform Is Too Weak, Critics Say
Gothamist | 01/26/16

De Blasio’s office backs Council bills that would cut back criminal penalties for minor offenses like public urination, littering
NY Daily News | 01/25/16

The Village Voice | 01/25/16

Pols, NYPD Call for Reduced Penalties For Public Urinating, Drinking
DNA Info | 01/22/16

Is New York City About to Ease Up on Petty BS Crimes?
VICE News | 01/21/16

Bill de Blasio Is New York’s Most Progressive Mayor in Decades—Is That Enough?
The Nation | 01/06/16

Anxiety Aside, New York Sees Drop in Crime
New York Times | 12/27/15

Independent Sources: Street Fight
CUNY TV | 11/18/15

Broken-Windows Comes to Park Slope
The New Yorker | 11/10/15

Vientos de cambio en la Fiscalía de El Bronx
El Diario NY | 11/05/15

Whites Only 8 Percent of NYC’s Misdemeanor Pot Arrests
Newsweek | 11/04/15

De Blasio: “Common Sense” Reforms Would Have Kept Alleged Cop Killer Behind Bars
Gothamist | 10/23/15

NYPD Raises Curtain On New Sensitivity Training Tool For Recruits
NPR | 10/22/15

NYC activists ticket Park Slope residents to show how cops treat communities of color
Waging Non Violence | 10/19/15

Brooklyn Program Erasing Warrants for Low-Level Offenses
The New York Times | 10/08/15

Fixing Broken Windows
The New Yorker | 09/07/15

In New York, Testing Grounds for Community Policing
The New York Times | 08/23/15

When ‘Broken Windows’ Meets Tinted Windows
The Mashall Project | 08/17/15

New York’s Top Cop Thinks Not Enough People Are in Jail
VICE News | 08/06/15

How 1.2 million New Yorkers ended up with arrest warrants
Business Insider | 08/04/15

Even Under de Blasio, Minorities Singled Out By Cops, Says PROP
The Chief | 08/03/15

In New York, Evidence of the Long Arm of the Law
Newsweek | 08/03/15

Here’s How the NYPD Is ‘Still Very Much at War With Communities of Color’
The Village Voice | 08/03/15

The Solution to Homelessness is Housing, Not Policing
Gotham Gazzette | 07/17/15

Here’s What the Legal Aid Community Thinks of de Blasio’s Bail Reform Plan
The Village Voice | 07/13/15

Court Observers Learn Stories Behind New York’s Jaywalkers and Subway Scufflers
The New York Times | 07/12/15

Major crimes decrease 4.7 in NYC in 2014, data shows
Newsday | 07/11/15

13 Shot In NYC This Weekend As De Blasio Touts Police Surge
Gothamist | 06/15/15

NYPD chief Bratton says hiring black officers is difficult: ‘So many have spent time in jail’
The Guardian | 06/09/15

Broken Windows in 117 Pieces
CUNY TV | 06/02/15

The first arrest has been made for manspreading
The Independent (UK) | 05/29/15

Cops Arrest Subway Riders For “Manspreading”
Gothamist | 05/28/15

Is Manspreading the Latest Target of Broken Windows Policing?
Newsweek | 05/28/15

NYPD Watchdog’s Report Shares Grim Tales of Arrest Quotas and Racism
The Village Voice | 05/28/15

NYPD’s Broken Windows ‘targets marginalized groups and focuses on low-level infractions,’ should be abandoned: watchdog group
NY Daily News | 05/28/15

Report Tells Horror Stories of NYPD’s Broken Windows Strategy
City Limits | 05/28/15

New York City Pastor Honors Detective In Ongoing Effort To Improve Community-Police Relations
The Huffington Post | 05/16/15

Protests likely to accelerate retreat from tough police tactics of the 1990s
Washington Post | 05/02/15

Police reform group nears 25,000 signatures in support of NYPD change
NY Daily News | 04/18/15

Does New York City Really Need 1,000 More Cops?
VICE News | 04/17/15

The NYPD’s Version of Thabo Sefolosha’s Arrest Makes No Sense
Vice Sports | 04/17/15

Corey Johnson Runs Afoul of “Broken Windows” Policing
Gay City News | 04/02/15

New “Broken Windows” Horror Stories, Brought To You By De Blasio’s NYPD
Gothamist | 03/25/15

Mayor Is Handcuffed on NYPD Size
Wall Street Journal | 03/18/15

Claim Police Slowdown Was Proof ‘Windows’ Not Essential for NYPD
The Chief Leader | 03/16/15

As Protesters Disparage Bratton, an Unlikely Defender Emerges: City Council
New York Times | 03/13/15

De Blasio Seeks New Restrictions on Rikers Island Visits
Wall Street Journal | 03/12/15

NYPD redesigns stop-and-frisk
Washington Square News | 03/05/15

‘US quota system only gives cops credit for punitive interactions with community’
RT | 03/03/15

Safety Beyond Policing: A New Campaign Slams NYC Plan for More Cops
The Huffington Post | 03/02/15

Why Do NYC’s Minorities Still Face So Many Misdemeanor Arrests?
Newsweek | 02/28/15

Police reform activists oppose city proposal to hire 1,000 NYPD cops
NY Daily News | 02/26/15

Bratton Says Police To Blame For ‘Worst Parts’ Of Black History, But Reform Advocates Are Unimpressed
The Huffington Post | 02/24/15

The Common Cure For Heroin Addiction Is Also A Magnet For Police Harassment
Buzzfeed News | 02/19/15

Why Does the NYPD Think Dance Teams Are Street Gangs?
Vice News | 02/19/15

Op-Ed: Few Links Between Complaints and Broken-Windows Policing
City Limits | 02/13/15

De Blasio Still Drawing Criticism for NYPD Snub During State of the City Address
Village Voice | 02/06/15

‘Broken Windows:’ Immoral, Ineffective, & Out of Time
Gotham Gazette | 02/05/15

A Response to Bratton and Kelling
Huffington Post | 01/26/15

What the NYPD Slowdown Revealed
The Indypendent | 01/26/15

The NYPD Could Be Wasting $410 Million A Year

Business Insider | 01/20/15

The NYPD Is Making A Big Mistake By Resuming Petty Arrests, Law Professor Warns
Business Insider | 01/15/15

Death and Neglect in Jail Shrouded in Mystery
Epoch Times | 01/14/15

NYPD Springs to Action to Save Vacations
The Daily Beast | 01/14/15

Police union silent day after Commissioner Bratton acknowledged NYPD slowdown
Daily News | 01/10/15

The NYPD Slowdown Raises Questions About Bill De Blasio’s Big Police Reform Promises
Business Insider | 01/09/15

Using The Slowdown
The Huffington Post | 01/07/15

In 1972, Police Made More Arrests While Protesting Against the Mayor
Village Voice | 01/06/15

What the NYPD Standoff Might Teach Us About Broken Windows Policing
Pacific Standard | 01/06/15

After Cop Murders, Police Reform Movement Ponders Next Steps
New York Observer 01/05/15

Al Jazeera News Broadcast
Al Jazeera | 01/04/15

Yes, Police Deaths Were Up in 2014. Here’s Why That’s Misleading
Village Voice | 01/02/15

NYPD cuts arrests drastically after double homicide [VIDEO]
RT | 12/31/15

Bob Salter’s 12/28/14 Program [AUDIO]
CBS New York | 12/28/15

The NYPD Makes 20,000 Misdemeanor Arrests Monthly — And It’s Costing the City $400 Million a Year
Vice News | 12/17/14

Misdemeanor arrests cost New York City $1,134,000 per day
Raw Story | 12/16/14

How Much Does the NYPD Spend on Misdemeanor Arrests?
Newsweek | 12/15/14

Over 80 Arrested As Protesters of Eric Garner Decision Take to the Streets
Bedford and Bowery | 12/4/14

NYPD Blues
Bklynr | 11/20/14

Poll: Bratton’s approval rating sags
Capital | 11/19/14

Misdemeanors Will Cost NYPD $411 Million This Year
Animal New York | 11/18/14

NYPD will spend $411M on misdemeanor arrests in 2014: report
New York Daily News | 11/18/14

Police Reform Group: End ‘Nuisance’ Arrests
The Chief | 11/17/14

Drug-reform groups critique new de Blasio policy
Capital New York | 11/10/14

NYPD’s “Broken Windows” Strategy Has Led To Nearly 200% Increase In Misdemeanor Arrests Since 1980
Gothamist | 10/29/14

New York Police Study Reveals ‘Stark Racial Biases’
The Huffington Post/Huff Post Politics |10/28/14 (Updated: 10/29/14)

Frustración por “Ventanas Rotas” provoca choques violentos
El Dario | 10/28/14

‘Broken Windows’ is breaking communities of color, new report states
New York Daily News | 10/28/14

The New Stop-and-Frisk? Call Mayor Oblivious To ‘Broken-Windows’ Harm
The Chief | 10/27/14

Q&A: Robert Gangi, of the Police Reform Organizing Project: A lifelong activist on why the end of stop-and-frisk is only the beginning of a battle to reform the NYPD.

Bklynr | 10/10/14

Nonprofit group Police Reform Organizing Project calls for changes in NYPD policies

News 12 Brooklyn | 10/6/14

Police Reform Group: Shift Emphasis From Stats to Good Work [VIDEO]
The Chief | 9/29/14

Bill Bratton, Robert Peel, and Today’s Police
Gotham Gazette | 09/25/14

De Blasio’s NYPD Making More Petty Arrests Than Bloomberg’s
Gothamist | 9/18/14

Bratton says it’s an ‘irrefutable fact’ that blacks and Hispanics are most disproportionately ticketed in predominately white neighborhoods
New York Daily News | 9/10/14

Break from broken windows, Bill
NY Daily News | 08/14/14

A ‘collaborative model,’ not ‘broken windows’
Amsterdam News | 8/4/14

PROP Petition Day Coverage [VIDEO]
News 12 Brooklyn | 8/2/14

Misdemeanor arrests virtually the same as last year
AM New York | 7/31/14

Misdemeanor Arrests Higher Under De Blasio Than Bloomberg
The Gothomist | 7/31/14

Amount to Harassing Minorities, Police Reformer: Knock Off Mickey-Mouse Busts
The Chief | 7/28/14

Safer Era Tests Wisdom of ‘Broken Windows’ Focus on Minor Crime
The New York Times | 7/25/14

NYC’s new peril: Cop-bashers versus minorities
New York Post | 7/24/14

Police Reform’s Next Step
The Indypendent | 2/25/14

Advocates Petition De Blasio to Make Swift Stop-and-Frisk Reforms
(Petition Coverage)
DNAinfo New York | 2/8/14

Reform Advocates Demand NYPD Changes
Daily News (The Shack) | 2/8/14

Meet the New Boss: Same as the Old Boss?
Gay City News | 12/11/13

Perverse Effects of the New York City Police Quota System
Black Agenda Radio | 3/12/13 (Bob’s Portion Begins at 31:17)

Why the Police in the Michael Premo’s Occupy Wall Street Trial Are Unlikely to Face Perjury Charges
The Village Voice | 3/8/13

Minority Report: Cops Issue Uptowners 15 Percent of City Summonses
The Uptowner | 12/14/12

Stop-and-frisk mainly harasses low-income men of color
Press TV | 6/17/12

Resilient Response: NYC Youth Join Stop-and-Frisk Debate
The Indypendent | 6/16/12

Local Moms to Observe Mother’s Day With Outrage
Amsterdam News | 5/10/12

No Room for Dissent in a Police Department Consumed by the Numbers
New York Times | 5/07/12

‘Quotas exist’: Former NYPD officers discuss the data-driven department
Capital New York | 5/04/12

From Behind the Blue Wall of Silence (video)
Recorded by We Are Change — 5/03/12

Watchin’ the Detectives—And the Rest of the Officers, Too
The Brooklyn Rail | 5/3/12

Dan voz a víctimas de ‘Stop and Frisk’
El Diario | 4/16/12

Giving Voice to the Victims of “Stop and Frisk” (English Translation)
El Diario | 4/16/12

PROP Petition Coverage
NBC TV | 4/16/12

Police Reform Organizing Project Outreach Day
Amsterdam News | 3/13/12

Inician campaña para frenar el ‘Stop & Frisk’
El Diario | 3/11/12

A Pathetic Press Helps Cover for Police Misdeeds
The Indypendent | 3/2/12

Can PROP Take Down the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Program?
Next Magazine | 2/24/12

Stop-And-Frisk Opponents Set Sights on Mayoral Race
The New York Times | 2/21/12

Critics Call for Change to NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk
with Bob Gangi
New York 1 | 2/17/12

Organizing to Reform the NYPD Forum – PROP
All Things Harlem | 12/19/11

Group Vows to Highlight NYPD Misconduct in 2013 Mayoral Race
NY1 | 7/30/11