Planning Our Next Steps

Mayor de Blasio’s new administration brings possibilities of change, but to what extent? In his article Police Reform’s Next Step Alex Vitale encourages reform advocates to continue to monitor levels of stop-and-frisk and other forms of aggressive and invasive policing.

Vitale writes:

“Reformers should not have any illusions about the extent to which radical reforms will be forthcoming. Both de Blasio and Bratton have signaled a continued allegiance to the ‘broken windows’ theory, which is at heart a deeply neoconservative approach to public safety in which the police are used to create a renewed moral order of public civility through ever more invasive and pervasive interventions into our personal affairs.
While the NYPD may reduce its reliance on ‘stop, question, and frisk’ as such, it is likely to be replaced by more targeted forms of order-maintenance tactics, possibly with greater buy-in from the communities being policed.”

PROP extends many thanks to Alex V., and the folks at The Indypendent, for the shout-out and for continuing important dialogue about police reform.


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