Petition Drive

Join PROP’s next Petition Day!

Every month, PROP holds a petition drive at subway stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn to raise awareness of police reform and collect signatures for our petition to end Broken Windows and biased policing.

We currently have over 18,000 signatures and a goal of 25,000. We can do it with your help.

Regular locations for the petition drive are Union Square and 125th St in Manhattan and the A train stop at Utica Ave. in Bed-Stuy. The more volunteers come out to help, the more stations and neighbourhoods we can cover.

People interested in participating in the petition drive should contact PROP director Bob Gangi at 917-327-7648 or

Those wishing to collect petition signatures on their own can do so by downloading a copy of PROP’s petition page and printing it out (Word Document).

Contact us afterwards and we’ll schedule a time to pick up the signatures you collected.

Lastly you can also sign the petition online:

PROP Petition to End Broken Windows Policing

Applying the tactics of quota­ driven ‘broken windows’ policing, the NYPD everyday pursues starkly racially biased policies targeting low­ income people of color who engage in petty infractions that many people consider innocuous. In fact, the activities that people of color get arrested and ticketed for daily have been virtually decriminalized in white communities.

To research the harmful effects of "broken windows" policing, PROP developed the Court Monitoring Project. PROP members observed and recorded court proceedings in New York City’s arraignment parts. Here are some key findings:
● Out of the 1,880 total cases seen, 1,710 or about 91% of the defendants were people of color.
● People get arrested for these activities: riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, being in a park after dusk, occupying two seats on the subway, having an open alcohol container in public, selling loose or untaxed cigarettes, and jaywalking.
● In 2015, the NYPD made over 225,000 misdemeanor arrests, at an annual cost of nearly 400 million dollars

We urge Mayor Bill de Blasio to enact fundamental changes to policing that will help create a fair and inclusive city for all New Yorkers.

1. Abandon “broken windows’ policing that everyday results in the harassment and punishment of black and brown New Yorkers who engage in low level infractions or innocuous activities.
2. Abolish the NYPD’s quota system that puts pressure on officers to make frivolous or false arrests and hand out bogus summonses that result in criminalizing innocuous or innocent activities.
3. Cut the personnel, duties, & budget of the NYPD & allocate the money saved to government agencies & community-based organizations equipped to provide services & enhance public safety more effectively & humanely.

Join the citywide movement to end wasteful, ineffective, illegal, unjust, homophobic, transphobic, and racially biased NYPD policies and practices.


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“Broken windows” policing, which Mayor de Blasio publicly supports, is the “Tale of Two Cities” writ large – our mayor cannot make progress in resolving those problems without moving the NYPD away from its current aggressive and punitive approach, towards a more collaborative community-oriented policing. It is the job of PROP and other police reform advocates to carry out strategies and actions that put heavy pressure on our mayor, so that he disavows “broken windows” policing and decides to do the right thing, and implement the sweeping police reforms he promised. Police reforms that are needed to create a safe, fair, and inclusive city.