NYC Mayoral Forum: BIG Success!

The June 19th candidates’ forum was an impressive event, with an audience of almost 300 people and appearances by all major candidates but Bill DeBlasio. Khalil Muhammad, the director of the Schomburg Center, was adept and effective as moderator; the candidates all spoke to the issues we at PROP concentrate on—including stop and frisk, biased policing, and procedural justice. All expressed defined, critical views on the Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly administration of the NYPD, focusing criticism on the quota system and the irreverently rule-bending and racist institutional police culture Stop and Frisk has come to represent. The clarity of their positions and the relatively few times they evaded the difficult questions was unexpected and welcome. It was evident and encouraging to note that the politics of this issue are shifting in ways favorable to police reform. Check out our footage of the event, and take a look at some memorable quotes from the candidates:


Anthony Weiner

“I believe if you keep an officer who is using a tactic again and again in error you should not be on the force.”

“Policing in schools is marked by racial bias. We are dealing with the challenges of troubled children. The first resources that deal with issues are the first that are cut.”

“The same way as Stop and Frisk, police surveillance has a counterproductive impact. It puts [people] in an adversarial place, makes communities unwilling to give information to the police. Instead of police spying, on [communities], we need for them to fold into communities.”

John C. Liu

“Murders went down in the ’90s, before Stop-and-Frisk.”

“Stop, Question, and Frisk: Let’s call it for what it is—Stop and Frisk. The policing strategy [the police] should have adopted is working in partnership with communities to reduce crime.”

“That the Federal government is saying they need to bring an independent monitor is a damning indictment on the Bloomberg administration. Under the remainder of this administration, it is necessary. Under mine, it won’t, because there won’t be Stop and Frisk. Stop and Frisk is the most institutional form of racial profiling existing in America today.”

Sal Albanese

“I’m against quota systems—we need quality rather than quantity.”

Bill Thompson

“Stop and Frisk has been used and abused by the Bloomberg/Kelly administration.”

“If elected, I will remove Ray Kelly from office.”

Christine Quinn

“If the court orders it, I will find a way to work with an outside monitor for Stop and Frisk.”

Quinn gave a shout-out to our own Robert Pinter for his efforts against NYPD harassment of the LGBT community.


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