Don’t Miss Out!

Please join us THIS WEEK for two exciting PROP events! All are welcome and encouraged to attend these events.

Wednesday Nightis our next general PROP meeting
@6pm – 307 W 36th Street

Thursday NightPROP invites you to a panel discussion on broken windows policing.
@6pm – 2 W 64th Street

Broken Windows: A True Tale of Two Cities

  • Experts Will Present Their 6 Month Assessment of Policing Practices Under de Blasio / Bratton. 
  • PROP Will Release Initial Findings of its Court Monitoring Project, Documenting the Continuing Harmful and Biased Effects of NYPD’s Broken Windows Policing.

PROP will present a forum focusing on the nature and content of policing in NYC during the first 6 months of the de Blasio / Bratton administration.The panelists are academic experts knowledgeable about policing issues and staff from organizations that work with the city’s most vulnerable citizens who have been victims of police harassment in the past.
Also, PROP will release the initial results of its court monitoring project which the group developed to independently monitor NYPD practices on the ground. PROP representatives have observed and recorded proceedings in over 20 New York City arraignment and summons parts involving over 750 cases and have interviewed both public defenders that practice in those parts and defendants. By identifying the most prevalent types of arrests and summonses coming through the criminal justice system and who is charged for those infractions, PROP has effectively assessed the NYPD’s everyday practices and concluded that they continue to entail aggressive application of “broken windows” policing that does serious harm to selected communities in our city.
Driven by a quota system for evaluating their job performance, police officers arrest or ticket people, almost always individuals of color, for engaging in innocent or innocuous activity. This approach to policing criminalizes activities that are victimless and harmless, it disproportionately charges one group of persons as offenders and it breeds cynicism, resentment, and resistance. Broken-windows policing can lead, in a worst case scenario, to senseless injury and death as in the recent tragic case of Eric Garner.

Please see here for more event details and as always, if you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email here.

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