Broken Windows News Coverage

Broken windows policing and PROP, in recent news…

The problems caused by “broken windows” policing for our city have literally become front-page news. The release of the initial findings of PROP’s court monitoring report, Broken Windows Policing- A True Tale of Two Cities,” that the NYPD spends the lion’s share of its resources on targeting low-income communities of color by arresting and ticketing people for innocent or innocuous activities, helped stoke an unusual amount of media coverage for a single issue.

Here’s a few samples of that coverage:

Please be in touch with us if you have questions and/or comments about any of this: “broken windows,” PROP’s efforts, or the media’s coverage of these issues. Also feel free to contact us, in particular, if you’d like to know more about our court monitoring project or to join its purposeful ranks in the coming months.

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