Breaking Broken Windows: Speak Out at PBA

Activists & Community Members Rally & Speak Out About NYPD Slowdown

WHO: PROP, New Yorkers Against Bratton, Bronxites for NYPD Accountability, El Grito de Sunset Park, Parents Against Police Brutality and other activists within the Coalition to End Broken Windows.

WHAT: Rally & Speakout.

WHEN: Friday January 16th, 11:00am.

WHERE: In Front of PBA headquarters, 125 Broad street.

January 16th, 2015 — Community voices will gather in front of the headquarters of the Police Benevolent Association to address the apparent end of the NYPD’s work slowdown.

“Reports indicating that Commissioner Bratton and Chief O’Neill have ‘cracked the whip’ to get cops back the ‘normal’ amount of summonses further indicate that this NYPD leadership, and the de Blasio administration that supports it, will not only not take their feet off of the gas in regards to Broken Windows policing but that they have all but acknowledged that an illegal quota system exists. To that extent police unions have at least been more forthcoming than NYPD management in calling out the quota system. However we have no dog in this fight. Pat Lynch represents part of the roadblock to police accountability that we have been marching against. Mayor de Blasio and Bratton represent a continuation of the Broken Windows status quo.

“The community doesn’t want a continuation of mass low-level arrests and summonses. If the NYPD wants to stop making ‘unnecessary arrests’, then we encourage that and would strive to make that permanent here in the city.” – Josmar Trujillo, New Yorkers Against Bratton

“No matter how Commissioner Bratton tries to spin the issue, the work slowdown demonstrated that Broken Windows as an effective crime fighting strategy is a hyped urban myth, widely held but baseless in reality. Commissioner Bratton and the Department’s brass pressed for the slowdown’s end by applying a de facto quota system on officers. NYPD officials publicly deny that the department has quotas — they have to because using quotas to evaluate their officers’ performance is illegal. But their own statements about having to ‘get the numbers back up’ reveal that a quota system has been, except for the past two weeks, alive and well and in daily use within the NYPD.” – Robert Gangi, PROP

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