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NYPD’s broken windows policing ripped for high number of minority arrests
NY Daily News | 04/03/18

Jumping a Turnstile: How New York City Punishes the Poor
Truth Out | 03/20/18

NYPD Under Fire For Continuing Racial Disparity in Pot Arrests
Cannabis Now | 02/28/18

De Blasio’s being terribly un-fare: his stance on farebeating arrests isn’t progressive at all
NY Daily News | 02/23/18

Turnstile Jumping Pits de Blasio Against Police Reformers
New York Times | 02/07/18

Police-Reform activist pushing for an end to the NYPD’s ‘broken windows’
NY Daily News | 02/06/18

Reinstarting Morality Into Our Politics
Gotham Gazette | 12/13/17

Rikers Can Close in Less Than a Year
NY Daily News | 07/12/17

We Need a New Urban Agenda
Gotham Gazette | 06/16/17

Don’t Be Fooled: Evidence Suggests Quotas Are a Fact of Life Within the NYPD
Truth Out | 01/30/17

Calling for True Police Reform in 2017
Gotham Gazette | 01/18/17

Never mind what Jeff Sessions says: Police reformers are pro-cop
NY Daily News | 01/12/17

Will Bratton’s Resignation Make Any Difference in ‘Broken Windows’ Quotas That Discriminate Against Poor New Yorkers?
Alternet | 08/05/16

Bill Bratton’s NYPD tenure was a PR triumph, but real progress won’t come until ‘broken windows’ policy is stopped: police reform advocate
NY Daily News | 08/03/16

Don’t hand-wring; demand reform: Two steps to take now to end police bias against blacks
NY Daily News | 07/13/16

Criminal Justice Reform Act is No Alternative to Broken Windows Policing
Gotham Gazette | 01/25/16

Don’t buy Bratton’s bogus boasts
NY Daily News | 01/23/16

More Evidence Punitive NYPD Youth Programs Fail
Gotham Gazette | 01/06/16

Weed Is Basically Legal in New York City Now, but Only If You’re White
VICE News | 10/23/15

No, Protests Against Police Brutality Are Not Increasing Crime
The Nation | 09/03/15

Why are New York cops shaming homeless people?
Al Jazeera America | 08/18/15

Eric Garner’s Final Words, One Year Later
Gotham Gazette | 07/20/15

Say No to The Media Hype
Gothamist | 06/11/15

At Last Night’s Solidarity March, the NYPD ‘Came Out Swinging’
The Nation | 04/30/15

A Reformer, on Bias and ‘Broken Windows’
New York Times | 03/17/15

How Does the Ferguson Police Department Compare to the NYPD?
Vice News | 03/16/15

Report Shows Extent of Racialized Criminalization over last 30 years
Gotham Gazette | 10/30/2014

Reforming the Police Dept., Beyond the ‘Bad Apples’
The New York Times | 10/09/2014

De Blasio’s New Progressive Criminal Justice Initiatives Overshadowed by Prospect of More Police
Gotham Gazette | 10/07/2014

Bill Bratton, Robert Peel, and Today’s Police
Gotham Gazette | 9/25/2014

NYPD Adopts Less Confrontational Posture at Climate Protests
Gotham Gazette | 9/23/2014

Paying in blood for over-policing
New York Daily News | 7/18/2014

How to End Militarized Policing
Nation | 8/18/2014

The Neoconservative Roots of the Broken Windows Theory
Gotham Gazette | 8/1/2014

Bratton’s bad-faith critics pile on
New York Daily News | 7/28/2014

What’s So ‘Progressive’ About 1000 New Police
Gotham Gazette | 5/22/2014

Picking a New Police Chief: Letter To the Editor
The New York Times | 10/21/2013

Eldridge and Co.: CUNY TV Robert Gangi
CUNY TV | 2/27/2013

Time for NYC to Stop Criminalizing Communities
City Limits | 2/20/2013

Behind the Injustices of Bail
The New York Times | 2/18/2013

When Police Are Encouraged to Abuse, Not Protect | 11/30/2012

NYPD’s Defensiveness is no Defense for Mishandling of Occupy Protests
The Indypendent | 8/07/2012

Bloomberg fails to support civic-based anti-gun efforts
Caribbean Life | 8/06/2012

Focused on Numbers, But Not the Ones That Count
The New York Times | 7/17/2012

Stop-and-Frisk, Through the Prisms of Race and Health
The New York Times | 6/21/2012

The NYPD Has Become Dangerous — So Why Is A Local Paper Boosting its Leader? | 4/25/2012

Police Misconduct – Letter to the Editor
The New York Times | 4/3/2012

Harmful Practices by the New York Police Dept.
The New York Times | 9/27/2011

Ray Kelly for Mayor? Think Twice
El Diario | 8/15/2011

Ray Kelly – The Wrong Choice
Urban Justice Center | 8/2011

Tyranny in NYC: The NYPD’s Wasteful, Ineffective, Illegal, and Unjust Targeting of Blacks and Latinos
Alternet | 6/9/2011